About Us

Travel had always been my first love. The idea of visiting a foreign land; the exposure, the social connections, and all accompanying elements of joy. Each new journey left a giddy feeling in me, as if my inner free spirit had finally fulfilled its heartfelt desire.

One fine day, as the sunlight shone on my luggage, I wondered. How exciting the idea of travel is, yet how difficult it is to pack all our desired items in the confines of merely a suitcase. Whether it is a journey to the nearest city, or a trip around the globe – why should we leave behind our special belongings owing simply to luggage weight limitations?

This gave birth to the Travelling Squad. An enterprise which is a friend to fellow avid travelers and adventurers. Which understands their wishes, and seeks to fulfill them with all its potential. Offering products of the highest quality, the aim is to uphold improved organisation and protection. The large variety and never-before-seen innovations are customized to suit the needs of travelers. To ensure their journey is one of ease, and nothing gets left behind as they set out to create memories.

Travelling Squad works to make your travel journey a memorable one. One, which you will miss as you lay by the fireplace in old age, flipping through your photo album, and reminiscing the golden days.